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Hi, I'm Martin Francisco

I'm a Research Adventurer. My design starts with curiosity and a clear set of eyes. I love research because I’m there in the thick of it, feet on the ground, with nothing but my wits about me, a camera in one hand and a notepad in another. I immerse myself in other’s lives, discerning between what they do vs what they say, connecting the dots like Sherlock Holmes, but working  with the rigor of a scientist, making sure not to skew my findings with bias. I have the ability to bridge that space between qualitative research and design: I love co-creating with designers to make sure products are being created for the right reasons.

During my internships at Karten Design and BMW Designworks, I learned the power of research and strategy is its scope: whether it’s determining the ergonomics of a medical device through observation, or re imagining the future vision for a multinational company.

My parents were concerned about me while growing up. They’d ask if I wanted to go to summer camp or go on trips, but I’d happily refuse and work in the garage, filling it with things I’d haul in from the Goodwill, the street, or my grandparent’s attic. It was two parts mad scientist’s lab, one part antique store, and just a little bit flammable.

As an adult, my hobby is new hobbies. I make knives, brew beer, cook and whip up new recipes. The drive to learn, consume, and then create is what gives me forward momentum in life. I’m looking forward to the next adventure just beyond the horizon.

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